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IAS Purpose and Key Features

The purpose of the International Airline Symposium is to create aviation insights through cross-industry conversations and has the following key features:​

  • Small but private event based strictly on invitation with no registration fees 

  • Hosted by airlines, co-hosted by a university, and sponsored by corporations

  • Effective and candid engagements among participants, with no media present

  • Participants are senior practitioners in all sectors of the aviation and non-aviation industries to generate cross-industry conversations

  • Agenda responds to input from participants at previous year's event as well as ongoing industry developments  

  • Global event in participation and location at invitation of hosting airlines and sponsoring organizations

  • Symposium sponsors cover onsite expenses

  • Symposium is operated on a non-profit basis in collaboration with a university

Additional Resources

IAS Charter

The IAS charter is available here for download and review

IAS LinkedIn Group

The IAS Discussion Group is a LinkedIn site for members only. This page is used by conference participants to share ideas on the agenda and other timely topics. 

IAS University Affiliation

IAS is a collaboration with The Ohio State University, which provides logistical and administrative support.

Zhihang Chi

Vice President & General Manager, North America, Air China

Dietmar Kirchner

Former Lufthansa SVP and General Manager of Condor (then: LH subsidiary for holiday charter flights), now Senior Advisor for airline strategy and digitalization projects

Peeter Kivestu

Airline executive with roles in finance, marketing, operations and IT, and global aviation consultant at data analytics provider Teradata; currently founder/principal at Oplytix, a data analytics advisory

Eric Leopold

Advisor to air travel executives; currently managing director at Threedot, a strategy and innovation advisory for the air travel industry; formerly a senior leader in strategy and digital transformation at IATA

David Palmieri

Over 23 years of executive leadership and consulting experience working with clients throughout the global travel sector, including 18+ travel tech startups, 120+ Airlines, Hotels, OTAs, and in collaboration with numerous travel technology leaders. David is currently President / CEO, @aquila Inc.

Nawal Taneja

A Strategist and Trusted Advisor in the Global Aviation Industry with extensive experience facilitating organizational transformation of major airlines and related aviation businesses

IAS Planning Committee

IAS was founded by Nawal Taneja and is managed by the Planning Committee, listed alphabetically below:

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