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Why sponsor:

  • Networking with industry leaders, potential customers / partners / employees

  • Exposure to  testing the market on existing or future solutions

  • Quality of participants is the key differentiator

Who should sponsor:

  • Companies who want to participate and inspire thought leadership discussions

  • Past Sponsors include airlines, travel companies, software companies and consultancies

If you are willing to engage with senior leaders of the travel industry and beyond, in a unique event format, please contact the IAS Planning Committee.

Message from the Planning Committee to our Sponsors:

The Symposium is a unique event in the air travel industry, through its objectives and its organization. It is also unique in the way sponsors contribute and participate. 

Unlike typical exhibition events where sponsors set up their booth and have existing and potential customers drop by, the Symposium provides them with a meaningful way to engage with the participants.


The presence and marketing of the sponsors is more subtle than in traditional events, and at the same time more engaging and more relevant. 

The size of the audience at the Symposium is limited on purpose, and the seniority of the participants will ensure qualitative dialogues on topics proposed by the planning committee. Indeed the focus of the event is on emerging trends and customer needs, not on the availability of a vendor’s product or service.


“an airline executive asked ‘How can I charge a higher price for my product (a seat) that is basically a commodity product?’ Sitting across the round table was an executive from a global oil producer. He said, you can't have a more commodity product than a barrel of oil. Yet we manage to charge a small premium….an executive from an entertainment giant said that we took the revenue management concept developed by airlines and took it to the next level of sophistication. An executive from a global airline asked if the entertainment company executive could explain how, so that he could introduce the advancements.”

                             --  Nawal Taneja

“… the CEO of major casino mentioned that they “do not consider” loyalty of residents in places where there is no competing casino...”

                             --  Dietmar Kirchner

“ … I recall a global grocery executive say they have no annual budget – just a one month budget…and they make sure they ‘make it’…staying flexible to market needs conflicts with being held accountable to an artificial annual number…” how might that apply to an airline who thinks of its schedule in those same terms?  

                             --  Peeter Kivestu

“…at IAS in 2016, I was fascinated by the story of global OEM who launched their digital brand recently, becoming an over 100 years old startup. They invested $100millions per year and turned over $10bn revenue from new business models. I wonder why no airline CEO (there are a few century old airlines out there) would invest the price of one aircraft per year in digital and turn new business models. Air Asia, who’s active in payment, mobile apps, food delivery and ride sharing, is the only airline example that comes to my mind, and it’s not one of the legacy airlines”


  -- Eric Leopold

"I attend and speak at multiple conferences ever year on a regular basis. IAS is unique in that it’s big enough to include many knowledgeable and interesting participants from different industries but small enough (and media-free) to enable deep dives and close interactions. IAS’ themes and topics are always at the cutting edge and locations are carefully picked to be congruous with the themes."


  -- Zhihang Chi

Comments and Reflections on Past Conferences

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